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 "I would recommend Genna's coaching expertise to anyone looking to grow in their career, whether as an individual contributor or as the leader of a team. Thanks to her insightful and dynamic coaching approach I have found a renewed sense of motivation in my role. I have also grown my team and received positive feedback from peers and direct reports for my support and leadership. Thanks again for helping me to get to this point. This programme has been really enjoyable and an eye-opener - I have already recommended it to a few colleagues!" 

Selina Taylor
Director, Publisher Client Services at TripleLift

Ways you can work with me for long-term success

I help new and experienced managers who want to discover and develop their authentic leadership style to improve their performance, self-belief and intentional impact. Their end goal is that they want to become inspiring, successful, confident and happy leaders, with rich careers and lives.

While my programmes have a focus on confidence and practical leadership skills development, my methodology supports whole person development with transformational effects that reach way beyond your career and our time together.

My clients are willing to explore and challenge their current beliefs and behaviours, and participate fully to create results that matter to them.

Is that you? These are the ways you can work with me…

1:1 leadership Development & Confidence coaching

Personalised support over 4-6 months to focus on your own specific goals, challenges, emotional intelligence, growth, confidence and opportunities across your career, leadership and life.

group leadership development & Confidence coaching

Share with and learn from the experiences of your peers, while practising and developing your own coaching skills for people leadership. Plus you get to build your professional network.

Heartfull Leadership Programme

The ultimate 4-month confidence, personal development and leadership skills training programme for people managers. 

1:1 Executive coaching

Facilitated space for enquiry and reflection. Re-centre, explore and gain clarity about what you really want and how to make that happen. Time to focus on yourself and your leadership style, performance, fulfilment and impact. 

 "It is really hard to put into words how useful coaching with Genna is when you are in a leadership role. But I notice it each time I have a difficult conversation, or I want to support a peer or mentor someone, and I find I have techniques and skills to do this. I got to know bits of myself that I didn’t know existed and through doing this I became wiser and more confident in myself." 

Alex Dyer
Matron, Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Is working with me right for you?

If the majority of these sound like you, then yes!

  • A valued, compassionate and ambitious manager on a leadership journey
  • Want to connect to your leadership purpose and the impact you can have.
  • Lacking in authentic confidence and/or clarity and can get 'imposter syndrome' thoughts. 
  • Feeling busy and overwhelmed at times and would benefit from facilitated 'head space' to gain clarity, focus and motivation
  • Unclear about how to strike a balance between management and leadership, and the difference between the two. 
  • Would like to develop new tools and skills to lead yourself and others with self-awareness, confidence and emotional intelligence.
  • Keen to learn how to effectively empower, motivate and develop your team.
  • Looking for help with feedback and accountability techniques.
  • Interested in personal development and stretching beyond your comfort zone.
  • Mindful of avoiding burnout, but finding it hard to break your pattern of overworking. 
  • Would like to invest in your self-worth and self-love, for a richer and more fulfilling life and relationships.
  • Know that you need to invest in your wellbeing and work/life balance, for long-game leadership (but you're not doing it).

The Heartfull Leadership® Programme

The ultimate personal development and leadership skills training programme for people managers

Wait list now open for January 2024 cohort!

The Heartfull Leadership programme is a group, 1:1 and online learning hybrid programme, giving you the best of all learning environments to transform your confidence, self-awareness and self-belief across your whole life and career.

It combines personal development with essential learning and skills development modules for effective leadership, along with bespoke, transformational 1:1 coaching sessions with Genna.

Together, we create your own powerful and unique experience for optimal results that matter to you.

Heartfull Leadership is based on the principles of:  

  • Leading with self-awareness, aligned purpose, compassion, and authenticity;
  • Inspiring and motivating your team, rather than directing and controlling them;
  • Valuing curiosity and growth;
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence;
  • Creating a culture of trust, care, empowerment, psychological safety and respect;
  • Liking and, indeed, loving yourself to be able to bring your authentic self to your leadership;
  • Leading by example, modelling the behaviours and values you expect from others;
  • Courage to do the right thing, even when it is the hard thing;
  • Being reliable and taking responsibility for yourself, your actions and impact, and encouraging others to do the same;
  • Leaning into what it takes to grow and develop others in the team, even when that is challenging;
  • Recognising that your personal fulfilment, team motivation and the success of your organization depends on the well-being, resilience and engagement of both you and your team members; and
  • Taking an active role in creating a positive work culture, starting with yourself.

Enrolment for the January 2024 Heartfull Leadership Programme cohort will be open from December 2023.

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 "I’m back to my old self, with a positive and driven attitude, and it’s been small, gradual changes that have achieved this. It feels great to be able to have the tools to approach different situations and time to adjust, think and learn. I feel confident while in tough and stressful situations where I now know I cannot only cope, but also thrive! To anyone thinking of doing this; if you are ready, be prepared for some incredible changes

Adam Phillips
Assistant Producer, Premier League Productions

Are you ready to get started?

 "Genna has a mastered skill in coaching; in every single session she delivers exactly on her promise - to shift my thinking to a place that thoroughly serves me. I get up from every session an elevated version of myself. I can't imagine growing myself and my business without her.

Ashleigh Frater
Business coach

Give yourself a taste of what's possible...

I appreciate that signing up to a four-month 1:1 coaching programme with me is a big deal for most people - and that's exactly how I want you to think of it.

When you work with me, I want you to make a conscious commitment to be willing to move forward with courage, curiosity and willingness to take action, to become the leader you have the potential to be and create what's really important to you. It's not only how you will get the most from your investment; it's how we can create a coaching relationship that inspires, ignites and rewards us both.

So, this is your opportunity to have a one-off taster session, before you make that commitment. Come and find out what is possible with me as your coach and get a flavour of things to come...

 "Genna is an excellent coach. She is insightful, compassionate and warm, and she made the session flow so that it felt easy and fun. She helped me rediscover my path in one session and prompted me into immediate, enthusiastic action. Highly recommend!

Barbara Grimwade
Business Owner