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 "It is really hard to put into words how useful coaching with Genna is when you are in a leadership role. But I notice it each time I have a difficult conversation, or I want to support a peer or mentor someone, and I find I have techniques and skills to do this. I got to know bits of myself that I didn’t know existed and through doing this I became wiser and more confident in myself." 

Alex Dyer
Matron, Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Is this you?

  • A valued and talented middle or senior manager, on a leadership journey. 
  • Want to reconnect to your love and passion for your work and the impact you can have.
  • Lacking in authentic leadership confidence and/or clarity and can get 'imposter syndrome' thoughts. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed at times and would benefit from facilitated 'head space' to gain clarity, focus and motivation
  • Unclear about how to strike a balance between management and leadership, and the difference between the two. 
  • Would like to develop new tools and skills to lead yourself and others with intentional self-awareness, clarity, confidence, inspiring purpose and emotional intelligence.
  • Interested in personal development and growing beyond your comfort zone.
  • Mindful of avoiding burnout, but finding it hard to break your pattern of overworking. 
  • Would like to invest in your self-worth and self-love, for a richer and more fulfilling life and relationships.
  • Know that you need to invest in your wellbeing and work/life balance, for long-game leadership (but you're not doing it).

If so, I see you. I was you - and now I work with people, just like you, to support you to thrive in your career, life  and relationships. 

Give yourself a taste of what's possible...

I appreciate that signing up to a four-month 1:1 coaching programme with me is a big deal for most people - and that's exactly how I want you to think of it.

When you work with me, I want you to make a conscious commitment to be willing to move forward with courage, curiosity and willingness to take action, to become the leader you have the potential to be and create what's really important to you. It's not only how you will get the most from your investment; it's how we can create a coaching relationship that inspires, ignites and rewards us both.

So, this is your opportunity to have a one-off taster session, before you make that commitment. Come and find out what is possible with me as your coach and get a flavour of things to come...

 "Genna is an excellent coach. She is insightful, compassionate and warm, and she made the session flow so that it felt easy and fun. She helped me rediscover my path in one session and prompted me into immediate, enthusiastic action. Highly recommend!

Barbara Grimwade
Business Owner

Coaching and training for long-term success

I help talented managers and people leaders who want to improve their performance, self-confidence and intentional impact to become an inspiring, successful and happy leader.

While my programmes have a focus on self-awareness, confidence and leadership skills development, my methodology supports whole person development and you will feel the transformational benefits of this investment across your career, life and relationships.

My clients are willing to explore and challenge their current beliefs and behaviours, and participate fully to create results that matter to them. Is that you? Find out more about working with me…

Two Heartfull Leadership™ coaching pathways are available. In my 1:1 programmes, participants have support to focus on their own specific challenges, limiting beliefs, emotional intelligence and goals.

In my group coaching programmes, participants learn from each other's experiences, while practising and developing their own coaching skills for people leadership. Plus they build their professional network.

Choose either... or both! 

A broad variety of programmes designed to develop people managers into inspiring, successful leaders. Equip yourself with the self-awareness, emotional intelligence and practical tools to thrive in your career and life.

Workshops can be in-person or virtual; one-off on a specific topic or part of a more comprehensive and richer leadership development programme.

If you prefer independent study, my Learning Hub is being developed with a range of courses to support you, too!

My bespoke transformational methodology supports you to build self-Awareness; move past your limiting Beliefs; get Clarity on your skills and next steps; put yourself at powerful Choice about how you show up and lead; Celebrate and learn by reflecting on your wins and successes; and have Consistency in your actions and behaviours to create outcomes that matter to you.

My ABC4 Confidence™ for Leadership approach is designed to support transformation for long-term success.

 "Genna has a mastered skill in coaching; in every single session she delivers exactly on her promise - to shift my thinking to a place that thoroughly serves me. I get up from every session an elevated version of myself. I can't imagine growing myself and my business without her.

Ashleigh Frater
Business coach