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 "I would recommend Genna's coaching expertise to anyone looking to grow in their career, whether as an individual contributor or as the leader of a team. Thanks to her insightful and dynamic coaching approach I have found a renewed sense of motivation in my role. I have also grown my team and received positive feedback from peers and direct reports for my support and leadership. Thanks again for helping me to get to this point. This programme has been really enjoyable and an eye-opener - I have already recommended it to a few colleagues!

Selina Taylor
Director, Publisher Client Services at TripleLift

Managers really matter

According to research by Gartner, the number one priority of 60% HR leaders in 2023 is Leader and manager effectiveness.

The main obstacles to developing effective leaders are: "their (very human) emotions of doubt, fear and uncertainty."

My coaching and leadership development programmes go right to the heart of that challenge;

  • Discovering a person's motivations and purpose in leadership, to build their confidence;
  • Identifying, dismantling and overcoming their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs;
  • Tackling unnecessary anxiety, overwhelm, disconnection and imposter syndrome, to avoid burnout and fatigue;
  • Courageously designing their authentic leadership style;
  • Building emotional intelligence for personal wellbeing and self-awareness, as well as better relationships;
  • Developing impactful and clear communications skills for engaging, empowering and igniting others; 
  • Understanding and leading through change; and 
  • Learning evaluation skills for clearer, more certain and more confident decision making today, and to anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

This approach not only supports you to upskill and grow your talent to become the people leaders they have the potential to be: it can also help you to offer a compelling workplace experience to build loyalty and retain your best talent, as they can see the evidence that you are committed to their career development and personal growth.

 "I highly recommend the Managing & Leading Teams Through Transition & Uncertainty workshops with Genna. The feedback from participants has been fantastic; it got people to stop and think about how they interact with colleagues, it has taught them to actively listen and given them tips and tools for coping and thinking about their wellbeing in a very unusual and, at times, highly stressful environment.

Jane Kershaw
Director, Joseph Holt Brewery

Coaching and training for long-term success

I help talented managers who want to improve their performance, self-confidence and intentional impact to become inspiring, successful and happy leaders.

While my programmes have a focus on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence and skills development for leadership, my methodology supports whole person development and participants will feel the transformational benefits of this investment across their career, life and relationships.

Two coaching pathways are available. In my 1:1 programmes, participants have personalised support to focus on their own specific challenges, limiting beliefs, emotional intelligence and goals.

In my group coaching programmes, participants learn from each other's experiences, while practising and developing their own coaching skills for people leadership. Plus they build their professional network.

Choose either... or both! 

A broad variety of programmes designed to develop people managers into inspiring, successful leaders. Equip yourself with the self-awareness, emotional intelligence and practical tools to thrive in your career and life.

Workshops can be in-person or virtual; one-off on a specific topic or part of a more comprehensive and richer leadership development programme.

If you prefer independent study, my Learning Hub is being developed with a range of courses to support you, too!

My bespoke transformational methodology supports you to build self-Awareness; move past your limiting Beliefs; get Clarity on your skills and next steps; put yourself at powerful Choice about how you show up and lead; Celebrate and learn by reflecting on your wins and successes; and have Consistency in your actions and behaviours to create outcomes that matter to you.

My ABC4 Confidenceā„¢ for Leadership approach is designed to support transformation for long-term success.

 "Participant feedback about Genna and the workshop was outstanding. They had a real shift in their confidence, clarity, communication awareness and compassion as they and their teams come back to work after what has been an incredibly challenging time.

Jola Strong
UK Charity Services Deputy Manager, Licensed Trade Charity