Heartfull Leadership™ confidence & life coaching for managers

Helping marketing and customer services managers with their professional performance, people leadership skills, self-belief and personal development.

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 "I really enjoyed working with Genna. I learned things about myself that I didn't know. It also helped me boost my confidence. I now have clear actions to get closer to my career dream." 

Céline Van Schoote
YouTube Partner Operations Manager, Google

Work with me

I help my clients with their confidence, professional performance, people leadership skills and personal development so that they can be more successful and happier across their career, life and relationships.

My transformational Heartfull Leadership™ programme helps people managers across marketing and customer services in two essential areas:

  1. Coaching to build your self-awareness and explore what's at your core: your purpose, what motivates you, what limits you, what connects you, and then moving powerfully and effectively to create the results that really matters to you; and 
  2. Training to develop your bespoke practical toolkit to empower people managers as leaders, both within your current organisation and longer term.

Programme for individuals

Programme for organisations

Hello and welcome! I'm Genna Clark...

I help new and experienced managers from across marketing and customer services to become confident, happy and successful across their career, life and relationships.

My clients are already good at what they do, but they want something more for themselves - both in their work and as human beings.

I know what that feels like.

I see you.

Before I became a full-time coach, my career was in marketing; leading teams and projects for global companies. I was a dedicated high-achiever, intent on succeeding, but I lacked the support, training and clarity to be intentional and thrive in my leadership.

I also lacked the personal development and sense of purpose to be resilient, positive, clear-thinking and calm in the face of overwhelm and stress.

As a result, I was over-working, didn't really understand how to shift from management into leadership, neglected my wellbeing, damaged my relationships, and had a shadow of imposter syndrome hanging over me.

Something had to change.

So began my 20-year investment in my personal development, professional leadership development and coach training, and ultimately the creation of my transformational Heartfull Leadership™ programmes.

Now, I work with individuals from all over the world and organisations of all sizes to leverage and share the insights and experience I've gained.

My Heartfull Leadership programmes are designed to help new and established managers to:

  • Feel confident and joyful in your career, life, leadership and relationships; 
  • Play bigger and with more heart
  • Discover (and get excited about!) your long-game impact, purpose and growth;
  • Define your unique Heartfull Leadership style
  • Develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness and resilience;
  • Learn communication skills and tools for effective and impactful people leadership; 
  • Utilise proven models to motivate your team and hold accountability;
  • Create valuable and authentic relationships and connections in your career and life; 
  • Establish clear boundaries for optimal performance, empowerment and wellbeing;
  • Build your self-worth and self-belief; and 
  • Move confidently and powerfully into action to create what's really important to you.

I am invested in supporting my clients to be the best version of themselves: to live Heartfull, authentic, successful and happy lives; thrive in their careers; and create hugely rewarding results, fast.

Sound good?

Let's chat, and find out how I can support you to discover and create the results you really want...

Genna Clark CPCC ACC

 "Since I worked with Genna I have not looked back. I now have the tools and techniques required to think through my decisions and have confidence in making the right choices.

Karen Nicoll

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 "Genna is an excellent coach. With her guidance and help with goal setting I was able to achieve the goal that I was aiming for. She is a great communicator, is fun to talk to and has good clarity of thought." 

Anthony Brummit
Pension consultant