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Building self-awareness, emotional intelligence and your practical leadership toolkit for improved performance and happiness across your career, life and relationships.

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I appreciate that signing up to a four-month 1:1 coaching programme with me is a big deal for most people - and that's exactly how I want you to think of it.

When you work with me, I want you to make a conscious commitment to be willing to move forward with courage, curiosity and willingness to take action, to become the leader you have the potential to be and create what's really important to you. It's not only how you will get the most from your investment; it's how we can create a coaching relationship that inspires, ignites and rewards us both.

So, I would like to give you the opportunity to have a one-off taster session, before you make that commitment. Come and find out what is possible with me as your coach and get a taste of things to come...

 "I really enjoyed working with Genna. I learned things about myself that I didn't know. It also helped me boost my confidence. I now have clear actions to get closer to my career dream." 

Céline Van Schoote
YouTube Partner Operations Manager, Google

Managers really matter

Previously left to their own devices, the middle tiers of management are now being recognised as a primary focus for L&D teams to grow and retain talent, reinforce the core of an organisation, and proactively give high performers the support they need to develop into the people leaders they have the potential to be.

Middle managers have the unenviable challenge of wearing two hats: they still need to get the operational work done, while also starting to lead people.

The latter demands they develop new awareness, skill sets and emotional intelligence alongside their operational responsibilities, in order to build a compelling strategic vision, inspire and empower others, and connect to their own motivation to lead.

The pressures of those two hats, combined with a lack of support, too often means talented and committed people burn out or abandon their career ambitions - a great loss to both their organisations, wider society and themselves.

I work with valued managers to prevent that: my programmes help you to retain and grow your talent to thrive, and ultimately be happy, in their careers, lives and relationships.

 "It is really hard to put into words how useful coaching with Genna is when you are in a leadership role. But I notice it each time I have a difficult conversation, or I want to support a peer or mentor someone, and I find I have techniques and skills to do this. I got to know bits of myself that I didn’t know existed and through doing this I became wiser and more confident in myself." 

Alex Dyer
Matron, Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

My free gifts to you

Whatever your budget, I have personal and professional development resources to support you in building your confidence, self-awareness, self-love and practical skills for leadership. Here are a few I think you'll like to start...

From Imposter Syndrome to Grounded Confidence

£0 GBP

Imposter syndrome affects people at all levels of their careers, from entry level to the boardroom. This workbook shortcuts your path to creating a more confident you, through 9 Powerful Habits for success.

Skills: Powerful Questions for Managers

£0 GBP

Your pocket guide to this critical tool in building connection, improving team performance and evaluation skills, and developing the self-awareness, decision making processes and self-confidence of your people.

Mindfulness in Minutes (lite)

£0 GBP

Two short, guided mindfulness meditations to give you a flavour of what's possible and might work best for you. The first focuses on mindful breathing, the second on listening. Experience your return to calm in just four minutes.

 "I’m back to my old self, with a positive and driven attitude, and it’s been small, gradual changes that have achieved this. It feels great to be able to have the tools to approach different situations and time to adjust, think and learn. I feel confident while in tough and stressful situations where I now know I cannot only cope, but also thrive! To anyone thinking of doing this; if you are ready, be prepared for some incredible changes

Adam Phillips
Assistant Producer, Premier League Productions

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 "Since I worked with Genna I have not looked back. I now have the tools and techniques required to think through my decisions and have confidence in making the right choices.

Karen Nicoll