Masterclass: How to Overcome Your Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)

From overwhelmed, anxious and self-doubting to empowered, happy and self-confident

Course summary

Humans are pre-programmed to believe and focus on our Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs), but that comes at a huge cost to us, and can be responsible for unnecessary anxiety, overwhelm, isolation and self-doubt. 

In this masterclass, I'll share one of my Heartfull Leadership™ pillars to transform how you show up across your career, life, relationships and leadership - at a fraction of the cost of my 1:1 sessions. 

You'll learn what ANTs are, why you have them, how they create stress and self-sabotage in you, how to spot and intercept them, and my ABC4 Confidence™ tools to move past them to become successful, confident and happy in what really matters to you.

Course curriculum

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"I've just completed Genna's How to Overcome your ANTs Masterclass, which has come at a very good time for me just before I start a new job. The course begins with a clear agenda of what will be covered and from the outset I felt excited about the prospect of learning how to control the power of my thoughts. Genna has a calming effect and uses lots of examples throughout the presentation many of which I could identify with and I noticed those triggers in my life. I am a glass half full type of person and naturally look on the bright side of life, however, this course was an excellent reminder to continually work on positive thoughts to move away from being small to being able to achieve my goals. The presentation includes interesting methodologies and in particular I like the habitual success and action plan slides at the end giving me clear guidance on how to make changes. Thank you!

Kim Lewendon
Marketing Communications and Programme Manager

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Genna Clark

With a background spanning 20 years in coaching and marketing, Genna is passionate about supporting people to invest in their personal development for professional success and Heartfull Leadership™. She partners with individuals and organisations to connect valued and talented managers to their authentic leadership presence, confidence, clarity, resilience, self-love, self-awareness, happiness and emotional intelligence.

Her biggest reward is witnessing her clients reap the benefits across their career, life, relationships and leadership experiences.