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Managers as leaders

Invest in your resilience, emotional intelligence and self-belief to maximise your performance and relationships. With deeper self-awareness comes authenticity, confidence, courage, clarity and balance, along with compassion for self and others - all essential traits for modern leaders.

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Returners to Work

Confidence, clarity and resilience coaching for those returning from maternity or paternity leave, a career break, or redundancy. We will identify your strengths, opportunities, resonant choices and limiting factors, empowering you to take informed steps to personal fulfilment and success.

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Personal Coaching

Whether you're a Millennial, an unfulfilled midlifer or menopausal, this is an incredible opportunity to connect to your confidence, self-esteem, value and life purpose. What do you really want? Discover and invest in what makes you shine from the inside out and take action to create a life and career you love.

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As a Co-Active Certified Professional Coach (CPCC), I am passionate about supporting more coaches to be courageous, skilful and play big in their own businesses and lives. Explore and discover how you want to be as a coach to show up fully with confidence, purpose and joy.

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Bespoke workshops created or tailored for your organisation, based on your unique requirements.

Popular options include:

> Leading and managing teams through transition and uncertainty – There are two versions of this workshop; one designed for people managers who are responsible for communicating and managing the change, and the other for the wider team.

> Connected and Caring Team Leadership in a Virtual World – The reprioritisation of leadership ‘soft skills’ is being accelerated by necessity as virtual working and flexible working have become the norm for many, almost overnight. This is a ‘virtual team’ leadership fast track, to equip your people managers in this new world.

> Mental Fitness: Resilience, Wellbeing and Combating Stress – Understanding the basic neuroscience and discovering techniques to build resilience, combating stress and anxiety.

> Creativity Lab – Facilitation of creative process around specific topics.

> Mindset Mastery – Moving past self-limiting beliefs, into an optimistic, empowered, creative and clear mindset.

> Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication – How to develop authentic and clear communication to build connection, maximise relationships and improve team and personal effectiveness.   


Please do get in touch to find out more.


Sometimes, all you need is a jolt or refresher to refocus yourself and reconnect to your passion; a power hour or two to get clear, re-energised, motivated and into gear, with accountability to make the things happen that are important to you.

If that sounds like you, or you’d like to sign up to a two-hour power session before committing to a longer term package, please get in touch to find out more

  • "The people that attended the course have a lot of direct reports amongst them, this was key to us as we wanted to support as much of the business as we could. The feedback from the course has been fantastic, it got people to stop and think about how they interact with colleagues, it has taught them to actively listen and has given them tips and tools for coping and thinking about their wellbeing in a very unusual and, at times, highly stressful environment. I highly recommend the Managing Teams Through Transition and Uncertainty course."

    Jane Kershaw

    Director, Joseph Holt Brewery

  • "Genna is a wonderful coach and leader and working with her is a joy. As a coach she’s able to hold space for you to explore, is compassionate and generous in her approach and always brings up things and takes me in a direction I’d never considered. Thanks so much!"

    Jackie Booth

    Executive and Leadership Coach

  • Genna is an excellent coach. She is insightful, compassionate, and warm and she made the session flow so that it felt easy and fun. She helped me rediscover my path in one session and prompted me into immediate, enthusiastic action. Highly recommend!

    Barbara Grimwade

    Business owner

  • "We arranged these workshops to support line managers in their transition back to work after furlough, against a backdrop of considerable uncertainty across the sector. Participant feedback about Genna and the workshop was outstanding. They had a real shift in their confidence, clarity, communication awareness and compassion as they and their teams come back to work after what has been an incredibly challenging time."

    Jola Strong

    UK Charity Services Deputy Manager

  • "Genna has a mastered skill in coaching; in every single session she delivers exactly on her promise - to shift my thinking to a place that thoroughly serves me. I get up from every session an elevated version of myself. I can't imagine growing myself and my business without her."

    Ashleigh Frater

    Business coach

  • "Since I worked with Genna I have not looked back. I now have the tools and techniques required to think through my decisions and have confidence in making the right choices."

    Karen Nicoll

  • "Genna is a wise and compassionate coach who will help you achieve your goals with humour and gentleness. She helped me rebuild a very important relationship during a very stressful time, and the impact of our sessions continues to this day as that relationship continues to flourish. I would highly recommend Genna."

    Violet Black

    Life coaching client and leadership coach

  • "A thrilling journey with more personal growth than I have known in years. Genna has nurtured this curiosity and growth and is holding my hand on this very exciting journey. She is a warm, intuitive and motivating life coach. If you are looking for change and new inspiration, give her a call. There is so much potential in you waiting to blossom."

    Nicola Bowen


  • "Genna is an excellent coach. With her guidance and help with goal setting I was able to achieve the goal that I was aiming for. She is a great communicator, is fun to talk to and has good clarity of thought."

    Anthony Brummit

    Pension Consultant

  • "With Genna's brilliant coaching I was pushed well outside my comfort zone and, with her support, I coped with it. She helped me recognise and change ideas about myself that were severely limiting me. Those 3 months of coaching helped to change the direction of my future. I think everyone deserves a life coach like Genna. Someone you click with and can trust help you create the best version of yourself. I recommend her without hesitation."

    Alia James

    Document Designer and Pilates Teacher

  • “After a brief consultation with Genna I found a renewed vigour for my business and the enthusiasm and accountability I needed to make the changes I’d been willing happen. Genna gave me excellent focus, all the while making me feel as though she identified completely with my issues. Thank you Genna for time well spent.”

    Rachel Lynch

    Personal Best Colour & Image Consultancy

  • “Thank you so much for your help and time. You have shown me that I can achieve things once I have an idea! I wish that you will continue the spirit of your work and find lots of clients to transform.”

    Simone H

    Personal and life coaching client


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