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Sometimes my clients’ goals are related to their career, sometimes to their personal life and often to both. It is about you being fulfilled and successful, while creating a life you love!


Compassionate Executives

Invest in your mental fitness, relationships, confidence and emotional intelligence as a leader, manager and person. This is your opportunity to connect with the benefits of compassion, wellbeing, personal growth, resilience and fulfilment in your career and life.

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Personal Coaching

Whether you're a Millennial, an unfulfilled or overwhelmed mum, a midlifer or menopausal, this is an incredible opportunity to connect to your confidence, self-esteem, value and life purpose. Discover and invest in what makes you shine from the inside out and take action to create a life you love.

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Returners to Work

Confidence, clarity and resilience coaching for those returning from maternity or paternity leave, a career break, or redundancy. We will identify your strengths, opportunities, resonant choices and limiting factors, empowering you to take informed steps to personal fulfilment and success.

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You and your business are inextricably linked. Your vision, mindset, motivation, self-limiting beliefs, work-life balance and commitment to action are critical to your success and fulfilment as a coach. Focus and motivation can be sporadic when working alone - this is time for Team You.

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  • "Genna is an excellent coach. With her guidance and help with goal setting I was able to achieve the goal that I was aiming for. She is a great communicator, is fun to talk to and has good clarity of thought."

    Anthony Brummit

    Pension Consultant

  • "With Genna's brilliant coaching I was pushed well outside my comfort zone and, with her support, I coped with it. She helped me recognise and change ideas about myself that were severely limiting me. Those 3 months of coaching helped to change the direction of my future. I think everyone deserves a life coach like Genna. Someone you click with and can trust help you create the best version of yourself. I recommend her without hesitation."

    Alia James

    Document Designer and Pilates Teacher

  • “After a brief consultation with Genna I found a renewed vigour for my business and the enthusiasm and accountability I needed to make the changes I’d been willing happen. Genna gave me excellent focus, all the while making me feel as though she identified completely with my issues. Thank you Genna for time well spent.”

    Rachel Lynch

    Personal Best Colour & Image Consultancy

  • “Thank you so much for your help and time. You have shown me that I can achieve things once I have an idea! I wish that you will continue the spirit of your work and find lots of clients to transform.”

    Simone H

    Personal and life coaching client

  • "Genna’s warm and calm approach has helped give me a clearer focus and clarification to see the direction I wish to take my business, while also encouraging me to explore new ideas. Her approach is both supportive, yet also encourages you outside your comfort zone to help you gain fresh insight and to look at your business from new perspectives."

    Nicky Lynch

    Bodytalk Practitioner


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