If you are keen to change how you show up in your life and the results you create, I don’t want lack of funding to be the only thing stopping you (this is also my opportunity to be the change I want to see in the world).

Since February 2020, I have decided to keep a couple of my non-executive client spaces for exactly this reason. Fees are on a sliding scale (details below), decided by you – no questions asked – and I run a waiting list if there are no spaces available at the time of your enquiry.

I do have three simple requests though:

  1. Be aware that when clients pay the maximum they can reasonably afford, it is very often a powerful incentive to make stuff happen much quicker than usual;
  2. Please use your integrity when you choose your rate. If neither of the options below reflect your motivational and affordable ‘sweet spot’, then I invite you to send me a counter offer; and
  3. When you can, and if it feels appropriate, please #PayItForward in whichever way seems right to you.

How does that sound..?


#PayItForward rate options for 13 week / 8 session programmes*


Rate card


#PIF rate
40% off rate for those who really want to benefit from coaching but genuinely don’t have enough disposable income to stretch to my standard rate card prices.Approx. £105 per session£63 per session
Below cost rate. This is reserved for anyone who cannot afford the 40% off rate. (Really, you get to decide. Again, no questions asked.)Approx. £105 per session£35 per session (or make me a counter offer!)

* Subject to availability and agreement by both parties. With consent, I record client coaching hours and contact details to inform the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and International Coach Federation (ICF) of my continuing professional development hours.


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