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We have a lot of the wonderful energies of ‘doing’ in the world at the moment: assertion, risk-taking, goal-driven ambition, immediate results, logic and confidence (traditionally viewed as ‘masculine’ energies).

Unfortunately, the ‘feminine’ qualities of intuition, nurture, compassion, generosity, collaboration, communication, gratitude, consideration and creativity have often been undervalued and sacrificed in the process.

I believe our societal priorities, culture, work and environment are out of balance as a result of that, but Covid has given us an unprecedented opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate, redesign and rebuild with purpose and vision for the future we want to create.

It’s important to note that masculine and feminine qualities are not gender specific: I work with people of all genders to develop their authentic feminine leadership qualities and truly value and own them as equally vital to masculine ones.

My mission is to support that to happen at all levels of work, finance, relationships, life and politics, to put the world back into balance in big and small ways every day, for future generations.

Part of that means making high impact, transformative, personal and professional development coaching accessible to people who don’t have access to corporate L&D budgets.

Social enterprise

I offer coaching programmes to individuals on a sliding scale, depending on what you can afford. If you have a goal with wider social or environmental benefits, then I’m particularly keen to hear from you and find a way to support you that works for us both.

Charity support

All coaching and workshop fees are offered at a 50% discount to charities.

I am proud to have partnered with the Licensed Trade Charity and be nominated for a partnership award in 2021. The charity offers incredible support to people in the licensed drinks trade and their beneficiary services have been under extreme demand during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

“We arranged these workshops to support line managers in their transition back to work after furlough, against a backdrop of considerable uncertainty across the sector. Participant feedback about Genna and the workshop was outstanding. They had a real shift in their confidence, clarity, communication awareness and compassion as they and their teams come back to work after what has been an incredibly challenging time.”

Jola Strong
UK Charity Services Deputy Manager, Licensed Trade Charity

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