How To Change Your Life In Three Easy Steps

August 13, 2014 - by Genna - in Coaching, General, My Blog

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Every day is an opportunityI often introduce morning and evening ‘power questions’ for clients to help them become mindful, positive and in control in their lives.

So when I watched this video with Oprah, I really liked Mariel Hemingway’s take on the importance of having a couple of simple morning and evening rituals. See the 4:32 minute video here.

As Oprah says “A daily ritual is a way of saying… I am taking care of myself; I love myself.” And she’s not necessarily talking about yoga or meditation – something as simple as taking the time to make yourself a cup of tea every morning and allowing yourself to approach the day with a sense of ease can do the trick.

Plus, a daily review every evening is a brilliant way of setting up your intentions for the next day and consicously learning how to do things differently in future (or choosing to do them the same).

So, to summarise, my take on the three easy steps that this approach teaches is:

1. Set up a simple daily ritual to ease yourself into your day. And make it important to do it.

2. In the evening, review how your day went. Ask yourself, what did I do well? Did I accomplish what I wanted to do? Was I kind? Did I live up to being the best version of who I can be? What could I have done differently? Focus on the positive progress and learnings.

3. And the last thing before you go to sleep, visualise what your day will be like tomorrow and set your intentions for the next day. Ask yourself, how am I going to approach my day to get the most from it? And then enjoy waking up to the feeling of that day.


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