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I’m really happy to extend this great opportunity to you – especially now…

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from coaching I am offering amazing rates for 1:1 personal coaching sessions to a limited number of Certification practise-clients (details at the end of this page).

Read on to find out more, or if you know you’d like to chat to me you can book a free, no obligation, 30-minute Chemistry Session by visiting my online calendar here.

Is this you?

People come to coaching for a wide variety of reasons. At the moment I’m looking for people who want coaching at a bargain rate to:

  1. Focus on making the right opportunities happen… asap
    You may have had your hand forced by losing your income overnight, maybe you have been furloughed, or maybe you have just identified that this is the right time for you to make bold life choices and put them into action. Whichever way, you are ready to invest in your creativity, innovative spirit and passion projects. As your coach, I can support you to identify your priorities, navigate the right path for you and move towards it powerfully by taking action. This is your chance to use the next few months to understand your purpose, lean into your gifts and strengths and keep your self-limiting beliefs (and imposter syndrome) at bay. You’ll also learn to build mental fitness and courage, stoke your creative and innovative areas of your brain, come up with fulfilling possibilities and take steps to make stuff happen!;
  2. Learn self-awareness and compassionate leadership intelligence
    Compassion and self-awareness are widely-recognised as an essential requirement for future leaders, and you need to be able to practise it towards yourself before you can authentically practise it for others. Coaching can connect you to compassionate leadership of yourself and others, whether they are personal relationships, work teams or family units. Invest in your self-awareness, personal impact and life purpose, and at the same time improve your confidence, emotional intelligence, communication skills, resilience, work-life balance/boundaries and personal effectiveness;
  3. Cope with change
    This has been an unprecedented time of change, anxiety, stress and overwhelm, even in many people who are usually centred, resourceful and proactive. You can use coaching to: identify what is feeding your negative emotions; learn how to change self-limiting beliefs and behaviours; understand what true happiness is for you; re-centre; and find your calm, motivated energy and inner wisdom from which to be and do. You will work on developing mental fitness, wellbeing, confidence and a positive mindset to move forward, reconnect to your purpose and shine;
  4. Create a plan for their ‘new normal’
    For some, the lockdown is offering a period of new perspective, pause, discovery, hope, valued connections, opportunities, and reflection on life purpose and priorities. There are new possibilities for ways of being and doing that need conscious effort to explore and establish, because the human tendency towards the status quo is to return to the known, regardless of the clear benefits we see in making change. Coaching can support you to clarify, lock-in and actualise your best intentions for the meaningful and authentic ‘new normal’ that you want to stand for and create, for when this is all over.

What can you expect?

In it’s simplest definition, coaching is professionally facilitated personal development and life change. It’s an ongoing professional relationship that focuses on two things: learning more about yourself and what you really want, and then moving powerfully towards it by taking action.

I know from personal experience that coaching can support you to create the right changes and results FOR YOU. Defining goals and actions through coaching is like getting an irresistible invitation towards exciting, meaningful and lasting change, rather than working through a ‘should do’ or ‘must do’ list.

You will experience your own bespoke 1:1 coaching programme that will address your specific needs and may include elements such as:

  • Compassionate leadership of self and/or compassionate leadership of others (whether that be professional teams or family units)
  • Processing how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting your life and work, and developing a positive, calm, empowering mindset;
  • Determining, navigating and anchoring your ‘new normal’ and what you want to take forward after all this is over;
  • Discovering your purpose, creativity and what the difference is between fulfilment, achievement and success for you;
  • Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs and behaviours;
  • Taking action to pro-actively and courageously explore your opportunities and achieve your goals;
  • Setting boundaries to achieve your best life and work;
  • Developing mental fitness and personal effectiveness in your personal and professional life;
  • Understanding and overcoming Imposter Syndrome;
  • Investing in your personal development; and
  • Improving your emotional intelligence and communication skills.

In return, what I ask of you is that you:

  1. Allow me to practise the coaching tools and techniques I am learning, alongside my existing coach skillset;
  2. Commit to a minimum of a three-month programme, with 45-60 minute coaching sessions either once a fortnight or three weeks out of four; and
  3. Give me your permission to record our sessions and share them with my supervisor in the strictest confidence for learning and assessment purposes (they will then be destroyed).

How does that sound?

And where could this take you..?

To chat to me, find out more and get a taste of what our coaching relationship would be like, I invite you to book a free, no obligation, 30-minute Chemistry Session by visiting my online calendar here.

With best wishes. I look forward to hearing from you!


Certification practise-client rate options

I don’t want lack of funds to be an obstacle to anybody who would really benefit from coaching at this time but I also know that financial ‘skin in the game’ is a big motivator for many clients, in terms of peaking your commitment and getting stuff done, so I’m operating an ‘honesty box’ policy. Consider this your first coaching challenge! Please use your integrity, self-knowledge of what motivates you and self-care when deciding the most appropriate rate for you; a rate that will reliably encourage you to show up ready to participate fully, for the duration of your coaching programme.

This is a really great opportunity to experience the power of Co-Active coaching – grab it while you can!


Certification practise-client rate options
for 3-6 month programmes


Session rate* (45-60 mins)
Corporate-funded£120 per session
Self-funded£45-£100 per session
No/low income or statutory redundancy £40 per session

*Please note: You get to decide the rate you pay based on your own circumstances; no questions asked. If you really want coaching but can’t afford any fee at all, I am permitted to have a small percentage of my certification coaching hours as pro bono. Contact me for more information. All these rates are for a limited time only, while I am in Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) training, after which time my usual rates will be going up in line with industry standards for CPCC coaching (currently between £120-£500 per session).

I’m passionate about coaching and the impact it has in peoples’ lives so would love to find out if we could work well together. I invite you to book a free, no obligation, 30-minute Chemistry Session by visiting my online calendar here to see for your yourself…


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