Looking to get back into work after kids?

September 21, 2012 - by Genna - in Coaching, My Blog

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If you’ve had more than a couple of years out of your career to raise your family, then you are probably dreading getting back into work. What will you do? What have you got to offer? How will things have moved on? How can you possibly compete with the other the people applying for the same jobs? How are you going to begin to plug your skills gap – especially around IT – now that things have moved on? How will you cope with school holidays? Are you destined to abandon your years of career experience to stack supermarket shelves instead? Is there nothing else out there? Aaargh! Scary stuff, right?

You might think that you’re a career dinosaur, but what if you’re really a perennial flower? Your career bloomed and then died back while you invested in the roots in your life, your family. And now you are ready for your spring… your new beginning and chance to bloom again.

So, how about running your own microbusiness? You get to decide where you work, what you do, you can choose a target audience that will do business with you at the times that suit you, be responsible for deciding the income you earn and the boss is ok most of the time too.

It can be a daunting prospect, but that’s where I come in. Once you have a business goal in mind, I am here to support you through coaching and marketing mentoring programmes. I am a part of your team, setting aside time with you to build your business and improve your life. I’ve done it, am doing it, and thousands of other women have done it successfully as well.

If you’d like to arrange an informal chat to find out more, just get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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