10 questions to find out what success means to you…

October 17, 2012 - by Genna - in Coaching, My Blog

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As women running microbusinesses, we need to be very aware of what success means for us individually, in order to create a fulfilling career and life.

Many women are on a ‘success autopilot’, trying to live up to someone else’s definition of success, but what does it really mean to you? A successful life is often defined by society as when we have more than enough, but ask yourself why you need more than enough, if enough is all you need? What is the cost of having more than enough?

To get some idea of what success means to you, ask yourself these questions:

1) What does my ideal life look like?

2) How does my ideal business fit into this?

3) Where do I want to be in six weeks, six months and six years?

4) Are these goals realistic, exciting and rewarding? If not, how can I change them so that they are realistic, exciting and rewarding?

5) What do I need to start doing to achieve these goals?

6) What do I need to stop doing…?

7) What do I need to continue doing…?

8) Who and what do I need to be to achieve my goals?

9) How am I going to ensure I reach each of these goals? Can I do it by myself, or do I need someone else to support me and hold me up to be the best I can be?

10) How will I know when I am successful? What will be the evidence in my life and business? How will they be different?

If you need help with working out what these answers are for you, then I’d love to hear from you.

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