As a rising star, moving up through the ranks in your organisation, your sense of certainty and self-belief can falter and lead to under-confidence, stress and burn out. 

Through this personal development programme for managers, you will learn the skills and self-awareness to build solid foundations for self-belief, mental fitness, authenticity, personal effectiveness and emotional intelligence as a leader, manager and person.

With deep self-awareness also come other essential leadership traits for the twenty-first century:

  • Courage to make difficult decisions;
  • Clarity to act with a focused mind and purposeful intention;
  • Resilience to reliably show up energetically, optimistically and effectively, even in challenging times;
  • Confidence to be impactful as your authentic self;
  • Compassion for self and others; and
  • Connection to others in meaningful and valued ways.

The wider impact of this is fourfold:

  • You contribute to creating an organisational environment of wellbeing, empathy, nurture and recognition for employees and teams;
  • Your team players don’t just perform and survive; instead, they are invested in thriving because they feel heard, seen, valued and cared about;
  • Your line managers get the best from you over the longer term, and you are able to communicate your ideas, plans, vision and needs clearly and effectively, for successful impact and results; and 
  • Because this starts with you, you will realise the life-enhancing benefits of personal growth, resilience, balance and fulfilment in your own career, team and personal life.

This bespoke 1:1 programme will transform the way you view your role and who you are in it, supporting you to enact change and create results with new insight. 

Packages for corporate coaching vary according to location, number of clients, requirements, and terms, so please do get in touch to find out more about 1:1 coaching sessions or bespoke workshops. 


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