Executive coaching

Cost: Ten x 1-to-1 sessions at £135.00 each

If you are a proactive executive who knows what you want but you are struggling with vision, team management, progression, momentum, motivation, balance, or making things happen, then this is for you.

We will use our sessions to define goals that excite you, explore options for ways forward, and then commit to compelling actions and plans to accelerate your progress.

You might choose to:
•  Reconnect with your passion and what drives your vision;
•  Understand more about what you have to offer and what you want;
•  Develop and/or refine your goals;
•  Work on your relationships and interactions with managers, peers and your team;
•  Explore your options;
•  Work out what you need to do, by when, to reap the rewards; or
•  Look at how you integrate your life and business and how to love both.

Whatever your focus, my aim is for you to feel energised and focused with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm that will propel you forwards and get results.

I offer a free 20-minute introductory ‘chemistry’ session to all prospective clients to answer any questions you might have. It’s also a great opportunity to see if we have the right rapport for a dynamic, successful working relationship to create amazing results…