‘Back to Me’ workshops

Cost: Four x 2.5 hour weekly workshop sessions at £49.00 each
Location: In-person, Egham area (Surrey/Berkshire border)

Date: Autumn 2019

As a coach and mum of two young boys, I am passionate about supporting parents who have taken a career break (or career compromise) to raise their children, to step back into their own lives in a way that is fulfilling, balanced, energising and exciting.

This weekly workshop series is perfect once your children are at school and you may be left feeling unsure about what’s next; specifically, what is important to you in life now, what makes you feel alive and valued, how to build your self-confidence and how to create exciting opportunities for yourself again.

The ‘Back to Me’ workshops are less about getting back to you, and more about discovering you now. If you are new to coaching, and like the idea of meeting people with a similar mindset to you, then this is an affordable way to get involved, build your confidence, and create rewarding results, fulfilment and balance in your life.

To find out more or register your interest in receiving details about the next course dates, please email genna@createresultscoaching.com.