What is coaching?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Just as a coach for top athletes helps to develop their recipe for success and introduces tools, techniques and strategies to help them to identify and achieve goals, that’s how I will coach you.

You might want to shake things up completely and try new things, or maybe it’s about tweaking what’s already there and overcoming obstacles, to get the results you really want.

Coaching addresses any aspect of your life or work that will get you towards your goal and leave you feeling more fulfilled, balanced and successful. I will motivate and support you to identify and create the results you really want, faster.

In our sessions, you will focus exclusively on you, your goals and outcomes.

Coaching will make a really positive difference to you if:

  • You need help in identifying life and/or work goals that represent true success and fulfilment for you, and excite you;
  • You work more effectively with focused time, support, motivation and accountability to create specific results;
  • You need a confidence boost and possibly a new direction, and want to investigate your options for change.

Coaching is not advice nor counselling.

Coaching works for people who have already accepted their past and are open to moving forwards. My clients are willing to be flexible in their approach, take responsibility for their own lives and commit to taking action towards goals that excite them.

I trained under the co-active model of coaching, which does not position a coach as an advisor. Instead, as co-active coaches, we see our clients as creative, resourceful and complete – the expert in your life and work. My job as your coach is to unlock that expertise with you, and support you to learn how to apply it to achieve success and results that you really want, during your coaching journey with me and beyond.

Are you ready?

If you are eager to get started, then take a look at the packages I offer, get in touch with me today and we can chat about how coaching can help you.

If you feel nervous about being positive, proactive and committing to creating results, then that’s fantastic! It shows you are aware that you are in control and it is up to you to create the life you want.

Now all you need to do is convert that nervous energy into excited energy and DO something about it. Remember, the only failure is to take no action at all…

The feeling of achieving something that is currently outside of your comfort zone is incredible.

I can support you to achieve your goals. I will believe in you. I will be there for you.

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