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One Very Important Reason Why We Should All Be Interested In THAT Dress

Even with the scientific explanation in mind, I have not been able to see that dress as anything other than white and gold (and allegedly it IS blue and black).

It’s so annoying not to be able to overcome my perspective on this and see the truth in the photo! So, drawn in by the idea of mastering this, I just watched this video and what really stood out for me is what he says at 1:51:

“This is a beautiful example of how our brains have evolved to interpret the world around us, without us even realising.”

That got me thinking. If I am this rigid in my thought about this dress, where else am I making assumptions and not seeing what is really going on?

We all know that experts used to be adamant that the world was flat. I’ve even heard a story about a man who died from hypothermia when he was trapped in a meat freezer, though later it was discovered that it wasn’t switched on.

The power our perception has over our reality is immense. And for each of us, our perceptions about who we are and what we are capable of doing directly correlate to our own personal belief system and attitudes.

They can make or break us. But if they don’t serve us well, with the right tools and focus, we can choose to change them.

To get an idea of what’s possible, ask yourself:

– What one thing is holding me back, more than any other?
– What is my current perspective on that?
– What is true about that?
– What is not true about that?
– What other perspectives COULD be possible in this instance, if anything were possible? (Come up with at least five alternatives)
– Which one of those serves me best? And how?
– What is possible in this perspective?
– How could the future be different now?
– What are you willing to do and when, in order to move forwards?

If you’d like to work through this in a 1-to-1 session with me, then please get in touch.

How To Change Your Life In Three Easy Steps

Every day is an opportunityI often introduce morning and evening ‘power questions’ for clients to help them become mindful, positive and in control in their lives.

So when I watched this video with Oprah, I really liked Mariel Hemingway’s take on the importance of having a couple of simple morning and evening rituals. See the 4:32 minute video here.

As Oprah says “A daily ritual is a way of saying… I am taking care of myself; I love myself.” And she’s not necessarily talking about yoga or meditation – something as simple as taking the time to make yourself a cup of tea every morning and allowing yourself to approach the day with a sense of ease can do the trick.

Plus, a daily review every evening is a brilliant way of setting up your intentions for the next day and consicously learning how to do things differently in future (or choosing to do them the same).

So, to summarise, my take on the three easy steps that this approach teaches is:

1. Set up a simple daily ritual to ease yourself into your day. And make it important to do it.

2. In the evening, review how your day went. Ask yourself, what did I do well? Did I accomplish what I wanted to do? Was I kind? Did I live up to being the best version of who I can be? What could I have done differently? Focus on the positive progress and learnings.

3. And the last thing before you go to sleep, visualise what your day will be like tomorrow and set your intentions for the next day. Ask yourself, how am I going to approach my day to get the most from it? And then enjoy waking up to the feeling of that day.


The Secret of Happiness, Freedom and Success

The Secret of Happiness, Freedom and Success

If you have read Dr Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you may remember that the first habit he identifies is how to be proactive and have the ability to choose your response to the things that happen in life.

I love this stuff. It’s such a simple concept and it makes a huge difference to the quality of my life. So I am really happy to find another perspective on this same message that I can share with you…

In the inspirational, wonderful ‘This Is Water‘ talk by David Foster Wallace, he asks: “Do you often feel like everyone else is just in your way? How annoying and rude they are? How unfair things can be?

“If you choose to think this way, fine. But the danger is when your default setting is to operate in this way.”

The Secret of Happiness, Freedom and Success

Click on the image to view the video on YouTube.

He goes on to explain that we all have the choice about how to think, what to listen to and what perspective works for us as an individual.

My experience is that this choice is THE most important factor in how happy, free and successful I feel in my life.

Are you currently conscious about what you choose? I am some of the time. And as for the rest of the time? I’m working on it…

You get to consciously decide what has meaning and what doesn’t. That is real freedom. That is being educated and understanding how to think. ~ David Foster Wallace

10 questions to find out what success means to you…

As women running microbusinesses, we need to be very aware of what success means for us individually, in order to create a fulfilling career and life.

Many women are on a ‘success autopilot’, trying to live up to someone else’s definition of success, but what does it really mean to you? A successful life is often defined by society as when we have more than enough, but ask yourself why you need more than enough, if enough is all you need? What is the cost of having more than enough?

To get some idea of what success means to you, ask yourself these questions:

1) What does my ideal life look like?

2) How does my ideal business fit into this?

3) Where do I want to be in six weeks, six months and six years?

4) Are these goals realistic, exciting and rewarding? If not, how can I change them so that they are realistic, exciting and rewarding?

5) What do I need to start doing to achieve these goals?

6) What do I need to stop doing…?

7) What do I need to continue doing…?

8) Who and what do I need to be to achieve my goals?

9) How am I going to ensure I reach each of these goals? Can I do it by myself, or do I need someone else to support me and hold me up to be the best I can be?

10) How will I know when I am successful? What will be the evidence in my life and business? How will they be different?

If you need help with working out what these answers are for you, then I’d love to hear from you.

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Looking to get back into work after kids?

If you’ve had more than a couple of years out of your career to raise your family, then you are probably dreading getting back into work. What will you do? What have you got to offer? How will things have moved on? How can you possibly compete with the other the people applying for the same jobs? How are you going to begin to plug your skills gap – especially around IT – now that things have moved on? How will you cope with school holidays? Are you destined to abandon your years of career experience to stack supermarket shelves instead? Is there nothing else out there? Aaargh! Scary stuff, right?

You might think that you’re a career dinosaur, but what if you’re really a perennial flower? Your career bloomed and then died back while you invested in the roots in your life, your family. And now you are ready for your spring… your new beginning and chance to bloom again.

So, how about running your own microbusiness? You get to decide where you work, what you do, you can choose a target audience that will do business with you at the times that suit you, be responsible for deciding the income you earn and the boss is ok most of the time too.

It can be a daunting prospect, but that’s where I come in. Once you have a business goal in mind, I am here to support you through coaching and marketing mentoring programmes. I am a part of your team, setting aside time with you to build your business and improve your life. I’ve done it, am doing it, and thousands of other women have done it successfully as well.

If you’d like to arrange an informal chat to find out more, just get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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