Genna ClarkFor nearly 20 years, my professional career centred around marketing and marketing communications. I worked in-house for a variety of small companies, for large agencies serving blue chip clients, as a self-employed consultant, and most recently in a university.

I enjoyed it, but realised early on that I was also interested in learning more about what motivates people, makes them happy, encourages them to realise their potential and create success.

After attending some personal development workshops, I began to look into coaching back in 2004, training with Newcastle College. At first, it was a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed. It became one of my business streams after I embarked on an intensive six-month training programme with the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute later the same year.

I am passionate about supporting my clients to be the best version of themselves, to live authentic, successful and happy lives, and create hugely rewarding results, fast.

I am a business owner, wife and mum of two gorgeous boys and I live just to the west of London, on the Surrey/Berkshire border.

My Clients

I coach proactive, dynamic women and men who are looking for personal fulfillment and career success. We work with whatever ‘success’ means to them.

Client issues range from feeling dissatisfied in their work, simply overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with life, lacking confidence, returning to work after a career break or looking to achieve rapid results in their own businesses or change of career.

My clients often come to me feeling unfocused, unmotivated or unclear as to what they want or what they need to do to get there.

Every one of them is committed to creating results now and learning tools to ensure their own success and happiness in the future. Working with them is a privilege.

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